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VIKOS all in oen magic BB

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  • South Korea South Korea
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VIKOS all in oen magic BB(Placenter)

│ Description │

Magic beauty began to wear BB cream
Make-up base or basement garment did not have to use…

Covering power in the skin texture to reshape the wet and smooth like such a magic cream A multi-purpose cream with SPF35 PA++ UV ray screening, wrinkle-care, and whitening care which protects skin from harmful environments.

Its placenta ingredients provide nutrients to skin and the natural extracts soothe, moisturize, cure imperfections, care and improve skin tone.

│ The effect of Placenta │

* Moisturizing and prevents aging
Placenta provides rich, natural nutrients, stimulates and cures cells in damaged skin, and is therefore very effective in moisturizing and aging care.

* Skin firmness
The product brings firmness to skin by synthesizing collagen and elastin related with cell regeneration.

* Curbing tyrosinase
The product deactivates tyrosinase, which creates dark spots by creating melanin, and brightens skin.